Monthly Archives: August 2012

So you wanna be a deep topographer? 6 tips from Nick Papadimitriou

“At moments like this the County sits in the palm of my hand, or it hangs suspended in the cortex. At other times it is a wild vicious thing: squashed insects on summer bitumen; dead souls trapped in pre-stressed concrete; sadness floating across wind-hacked sportsfields on lonely winter rambles. The county is both an intimate […]

Scala Beyond

The cult cinema obsessives from Scala Forever are back with Scala Beyond, a six week long season of one-off cinema events bringing together some of the UK’s coolest festivals, cinemas and pop-up events. The season launched last night with an 8 hour film jam at Roxy Bar and Screen. Contributing film clubs operated a kind […]


“Well, at least if the films are bad we can look at the view” mutters a middle-aged Maltese woman as she takes her seat at the 8th Kinemastik International Short Film Festival. The seating area is positioned on the edge of a high cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. As the sun sets over the harbour, […]

Plural Muses

The nice thing about London is that at any moment you could be within 10 feet of anything at all. Standing outside the mighty 12th Century exterior of┬áSt Bartholomew the Great church in Smithfield on a balmy Wednesday evening, all seems peaceful. You’d be given no cause to imagine that behind those stone walls a […]